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Intolog is a group of  seven companies providing expertise for intralogistics all around Finland.


Effectiveness and functionality of logistics is a vital concern to any company or organization. With the term "intralogistics" we describe the handling of items within the organization - receiving, identifying, shelving, collecting, combining, delivering and relocating materials.

Our expertise to your benefit, from basic solutions to customization

Typically in a warehouse you can find a combination of different basic storing possibilities, racks for pallets or shelves for smaller items and cantilever racks for your longer items. Depending on the individual needs of each unit we can plan the combined use of these simple elements to create an efficient warehouse environment, or move to more complex and/or automatized solutions.

Our expertise include solutions in:

• Warehousing
• Archive or office storage
• Industrial working stations
• Functional working environments
• Retail stores
• Packaging
• Sanitation solutions to working environments
• Lifting or moving of heavy objects
• Relocating materials

Customer oriented approach 

Cost-effective solutions in intralogistics can be found for any of our customers regardless of the field or size of their business. You can be upgrading storage facilities or working environment, or building a brand new structure. The goal can be more effective collecting of goods or a tidier and more organized space for your materials, or something else completely. Contact us and we will find a solution for your needs. 

We believe that customer relationships should be built to last. A functional intralogistics system is a process that needs to evolve with the business. That is why we don't believe that the contact between us the customer ends when the installation is done, but continues so that you will get the same expertise and service for your additions or updates in the future.

Contact information

You can see our contact information here or please send us an e-mail to [email protected]

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